FOODY STUFF ..... Adding Flavors to your table

Peach Hut Apricot Chutney with rice & Chicken.

Freshly homemade cake full of Peach Hut Peach Jam.

Various homemade cookies filled with various Jams & Jellies of Peach Hut to give a multi colour appearance.

Eggless cheese cake mounted by Peach Hut cherry jam.

Desi Indian roti Sabzi with Peach Hut Tomato Chutney.

Punjabi Parantha with Peach Hut Peach Chutney.

Plain Bread simply goes with Peach Hut Tri-Fruit Marmalade.

Peach Hut Double Roasted Plum Jelly Blended to make icy freezed Chiller Drink..

Bakers choice of Peach Hut Plum Jam.

Chicken Legs soaked with Peach Hut Strawberry Jam to give it a sweet spicy taste.