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Welcome to Peach Hut

Rustic Factory derives its name from being in the middle of Rich Peach Orchards of Rajgarh, popularly known as the 'Peach Bowl of Asia'. Misty Peaks with essence of natural beauty surrounds it to provide natural climatic conditions to enhance local fruits like blackberry, Red Plums, Peaches , Apples, etc. The concept of this venture is to facilitate nature's gifts with human race throughout the year and lightening lamps of many houses by generating employment for local area women. The women uses indigenous handmade methods to prepare various preparations like jams, jellies,preserves, chutneys, marmalades etc.

100% Handmade & Natural

No Preservatives

Freshly plucked fruits from own Peach Hut's Orchards


Special products

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Peach Hut Team
Himachal handmade products

The Mountain Womenhood Creations is the identity of local mountain women who profounds knowledge and lending nature's taste to your table. The foundation of this concept has been laid down by two Himachali Women – Mrs Priya Sharma & Mrs Archna Tomar . Jointly both have given opportunity to the Local Women of Rajgarh area to harness their abilities and indigenous skills in converting natural products into finished products without using any machinery & any preservative, thus making it available to the world throughout the year.

Women Power

  • If you want something said, ask a man ; if you want something done, ask a woman
  • We are women phenonmenally, Phenomenal women are we - The Mountain Womenmountain women jams

Our Principles

Why Peach Hut?!!

100% Handmade By Local Women
Totaly Natural
No Preservative At All
Eco-Friendly Supportive
Mesmerizing Mouth Melting Taste
Healthy jams online


Nurturing Human Race with Nature's Exudate leads to Eternal Peace.

- Mrs. Priya Sharma
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We are on a mission

Improving your eating habits is simple with our products. Having mastered the art of combining taste with exceptional natural value of fruits, we produce original, healthy and tasty products for you to enjoy every day.

From Our Kitchen..

Homemade Jams Online
Handmade jams from himachal
tasty kiwi jam
strawberry jam Rajgarh
peach hut jam bottle natural jams


Apple jams online
Anthocyanins - 64,4MCG
marmalade online
Omega 3 - 30,4G
Plum Jams
Zinc - 0,16MG
Red Plum chutney
Red Plum
Iron - 0,57MG
Kiwi jam
Copper - 0,25MG
Potassium – 220MG
Fruit Jams Online
Fiber - 2,2G
Iron - 1,2MG
Strawberry jam
Calcium – 44MG
Fiber - 3,2G
Strawberry chutney
Iron - 0,95MG
Vitamin E - 4MG
Tri Fruit Jams
Potassium - 248MG
Vitamin E - 1,2MG
Vitamin B5 - 0,5MG
healthy Chutney
Sea buckthorn
Vitamin A - 0,04MG
Vitamin B2 - 0,06MG
Omega 3 - 8,3G
Peach Jam himachal
Iron - 4,58MG
Omega 3 - 29,5G
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